Guide to resources for broadcasters

Do you ever find yourself searching for information about a specific crop, wanting ideas on how to create a drama for your farming audience, or wondering how to involve women farmers in your program? FRI has many resources that can help you—read this guide to learn more.

Farm Radio International (FRI) aims to support all African broadcasters to develop high-quality radio programming for rural communities.

FRI’s resources celebrate and promote radio and small-scale farmers. Our resources are:
• Accessible and available to all broadcasters in sub-Saharan Africa at low or no cost.
• Responsive to the needs of farmers and broadcasters.
• Relevant (appropriate language, formats, and topics).
• Interactive, connecting broadcaster to broadcaster, broadcaster to farmer, and broadcaster to FRI and other organizations.

FRI offers two types of resources to help broadcasters create high-quality radio programs:
1. Information on agriculture and rural development: Content on topics which are relevant to farmers and others in rural communities.
2. Training: Written and online learning opportunities to help broadcasters improve their professional skills and abilities

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